Denweigh and Hyvor's System

by CatNip Tea

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    This is a story about a man and His Dream. Then it's about what happens when nobody listens to the dream. The dream screams.

    We are CatNip Tea. We're a never-static group of people centered around a love of things that run deeper than their initial appearance. We made this album several years ago and it created what our lives would become for the next several. Now we're elsewhere, older, and different. And working on something that's a bit more about all of us. Together.

    Enjoy and please don't hesitate to download, copy and distribute. Just drop us a line to let us know, and don't rip anybody off.
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Recorded entirely at the College of Santa Fe Recording Studio during 2007. It was mixed in the winter of 2007/08 at 2.1 Studios, Santa Fe.


released April 4, 2008

Preformed by CatNip Tea:

Daniel Lockley
Jackson Mathey
Miljen Aljinovic
Nikola Aljinovic

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jackson Mathey and Miljen Aljinovic

Words and Music by Miljen and Nikola Aljinovic

Art by Dylan Pommer

Featuring additional performances by:
J. Nick Leonard: Bass, track 1
Roxanne Tapia: Saxophone, track 3
Matt Rosen: Piano, tracks 9, 13
Max Friedman: Bass, tracks 13, 15

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CatNip Tea Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: The Extinction of Harlots
As my plates restacked,
The vestibule splintered
his scaphoids forcing
A reclining position
In the next section
The Butcher's perfection
The surgeon's regret
Did i forget?

He supported His thrift well with just the same device
That served the extinction of harlots
Bleeding through cobblestone arteries in the diurnal dark times
Extracting tryptophan vessels

Every time He interrupted Ginger's being
He left his brand
With enough work coming from the shoulder blade
He left an unbearable, lingering, thin pain
Track Name: Cutting Tricks
Give me back my weighted, sack-filled implant
It's not enough under what's that to me then
A wing off the back of a densely sedated
A sting in the calf of a thesbond elated

Just as blind as a trick in the dark
Waiting for a sound but greeted by a voice
A cobblestone clatter shattered out of my gullet
Parched of fluid and seeping to the slums

Not a sound as He comes from behind
Nor a shadow in the broad lamplight

he wasn't much, a small little man
Wavering and weaving like a bird in the fray
Drawing his frond such a sad little man
Holding on his brawn and fillin' out my frame


A faint, stiff breeze broke off a pulminary engine
Supplying twice as many in the tree filled cities
Showing a martyr just what it is to breathe
Keeping outside a solitary ease

Track Name: Escape
my muscles can't manage a forward moving carcass
Any animation that comes from Him isn't live
A pile of pistons subject to a grapevine of power
Leaving therein masses of a felt velvet touch

May He escape
May He displace this

Still skinning out sins of any liquid fixation
Making residue of thoughts and feeling them rise
Seeing through stratum of gauzy bawden bowls
Having a low crouch back to the sidelines inside.

May He escape
May He displace this

A dark uneasing crossing up and late coming through
It seems there's been a halt falling to the parts dead and oh
Give me just a reason for following Your numb-handed squire
He's had my legs caught in webbed thoughts
And head in tow

May He escape
May He displace this
Sense of betrayal
This bad luck I've had all along
Track Name: Shaking Hands
Boy i say i have a task
If it's not too much to ask
But you seem like the type who would be shakin' hands

You've got a nice firm grip
With a rise and then a dip
Keeping your eyes upon the prize i've got in plan

i'll give you a big role
But it sure will take it's toll
Extending a hand to a younger crowd

Yes i assure you'll be a star
Much more than you think you are
Forgive Me if I'm much too loud
Track Name: Corridors
Losing the meter
It's almost complete
Just one more figure
To pluck from the street
Just one more player
To shed from his coil
Just one more exquisite sinner
Just one more dinner

Follow Me up as we hack up the walls and the doorways
Let Me set you free

Fix me today
Sleep while I figure the plans and the
Path to good fortune
The lady still waits to be saved
Just one last favor
Bring Me that feelin' again
Just one more throat to slit
Just for the fuck of it


Who the fuck are You?
How'd You get in here?
What's that You have there?
Come with Me, I'm gonna show you to God...


Don't bleed so much
It's only the rest of your time
You made the right choice
You walked straight down the front line

Welcome to My world
Welcome to heaven
Welcome to hell in your head
Track Name: Dead Cat
It seems that You've always laughed in rhythm with those that smile at shadows
Yet all I've seen has led me to believe that there's nothing past Your eyes now

The world You took from me has assimilated and now I don't need to be
All that lived back then is a then now and now is now
I know it's not part of Your plans

Save my soul
I'm all but alive and I shudder at dying
They all know that
Corpses can't talk, doesn't stop me from trying
Track Name: Follicles
His fracturing lungs
These fingers go numb again
When He escaped
His follicles fell to the floor

i couldn't resist
When asked to bring it in
The closer i am to a product
The closer i am to Him

A fault and a whim
Who is this Man who does not exist?
Leaving no trace
Except for the blood and the piss
Track Name: Flutterbies
The stage is all set and
The show is all ready
The actors are caking on powder
Right behind the curtain
The trouble's all done now
All we have left is the show
The crowd is all gathered
They're stomping and cheering
i'm sitting here and
i'm not even done with this speech
What is there left to...

It's the pain of an artist
i'm frozen, don't know what to say
To show you my work I must
Take it and smash it away

Before i go blue
I've one thing for you
Just pay close attention
I'll try not to bore you too much

For all of you out there who doubted My mind
Who missed all the metaphors outside the lines
For everyone who never paid enough attention
Maybe next time you can be part of the show
Track Name: Bellincats & Bowls
Welcome all you belincats and bowls
Welcome, i've waited for you all

If He could be me could be we could be the only living people here...
i'm honored to bring you the...

We hope you enjoy the rest of the show from incision to the rape
I hope that the rotting, the blood and the clotting is enough for you all to taste
But even if you hate the whole song and dance
I hope you remember you're part of the plans
So sit back
Give into your fate
Track Name: Extinction
As my plates restacked
The vestibule splintered
His scaphoids forcing a reclining position
In the next section
The butcher's perfection
The Surgeon's regret
Did I forget?